"Thank you for everything, you really changed our student's mindset"

-By Dr.Kancharla Ramaiah, Secretary & Correspondent
Prakasam Engineering College.
"A life changing experience."

-By N.L.N Reddy, Director, Placements
"Your passion and compassion are very evident in your training. There is not enough words to express my gratitude for your helping to awaken that "white passion" in our students soul"

-By G Parthasarathi Verma, Director, Placements
SRKR Engineering college.
"IT Curve training was a very rewarding experience for my students. Thank you for sharing your time, your knowledge and your sense of humor"

-By Grandhi Satyanarayana, President
Sri Vasavi Educational Society.
"Thank you for the magnificent program. Words can not describe how enthusiastic and empowered my students feeling"

-By M.Veerabadha Rao, Secretary & Correspondent
Prasiddha Engineering College.
"I wanted to thank IT Curve for the terrific job done. The bottom line is that I really appreciate sincerity diligence and effort you put into giving us a quality program."

-By Mittapalli satyanarayana, Secretary & Correspondent
NEC Group
"You are a dynamic speaker and being in that charged atmosphere was invigorating. Thanks for the experience."

-By H.Rajesh, Chairman
Sri Rajarajeswari Engineering College.
"You have supplied the missing link. THANK YOU"

-By Bhogavalli Rajeswara Rao, Chairman
Venkateswara Institute of Scienec and Technology
"I want to start by telling you that you have to be a very dedicated person with a full driving force to present in detail the program that you did in our campus. It was a great program and beautifully presented"

-By Burra Anubabu, Secretary & Correspondent
Adarsh Group.
"Thank you so much for five of the most exciting days that our students have spent. Your training is excellent. In addition, your "Can Do" attitude and limitless enthusiasm was contagious to us."

-By Chalamcharla V.V. Subba rao, Secretary & Correspondent
Sri Vasavi Group
"MR Saranya you are one of most exciting speakers I have ever seen."

-By Grandhi Suresh, Chairman
Grandhi Varalakhmi Institute of Science and Technology
"You bring the best out of people."

-By ER Peddireddi Ravi Kiran, Vice chairman
Adarsh Engineering college
"I wanted to thank you for the excellent presentation. Someone has to still believe in the American dream, and you have taken that one step further giving others that same opportunity."

-By K suresh babu, Training & Placements
SRKR Engineering College.
"I applaud your professionalism, dedication and integrity that we all were audience to for the past week."

-By A.V Bhaskara Rao, Principal
Sri Vasavi Group
"We would like to express our sincere gratitude for an excellent and informative program”

-By Sambasiva Rao, Director - Placements
Rao & Naidu Engineering college.
"Thanks to IT Curve for giving us a better reason to love life."

-By Diwakar, Principal
Visaka Institute of Scinece and Technology
"Thanks a million. You're great! The opportunity of a life time for our students."

-By M.S.R Niranjan, Principal
Grandhi varalakhmi institute of scienec and technology.
"Many thanks for a very exquisite and informative training sessions. You have given us our dreams back and we can make it come true."

-By Dr Hanumantha Rao, Director
Daggubati Institutions.
"Thank you for your dedication, etc. All I can offer in return at this time is my 2nd most valuable asset, total respect."

-By C.Ravi Kanth, Principal
Sri Visit Group.
"I'd like to thank you for your dedication and great training program. Your speaking ability and overall ability to communicate and deal with all different types of people is great."

-By Srinivas Reddy, Secretary
Vageeswari Group.
"Your presentation was dynamic and very enjoyable"

-By Srikanth Choudary, Director - Academics
PEC Group